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Build and deploy no-code apps as part of the Checkbox Certification Program!
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checkbox certification

"Welcome to the Checkbox Certifications Program - it's exciting to have you on board! We'd love it if you treat this program as your personal playground - an opportunity to let your imagination run wild, powered by the Checkbox skills you pick up along the way"

- Aditi, Checkbox Certifications Lead


"Welcome! We're so excited to share these Checkbox Certification Courses with you and can't wait to see the type of no-code apps that you will build out!"

- Minwoo, Customer Success & Delivery Lead


App Designer

Course Duration: 1-2 hours

Jump-start your journey on Checkbox – the world’s #1 no-code platform, by building your first App to become a Certified Checkbox Designer.
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App Expert

Course Duration: 3-4 hours

Take your no-code skills to the next level by automating your first full business process to become a Certified Checkbox Expert.
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App Master

Coming Soon

Demonstrate complete no-code mastery and proficiency of Checkbox Apps with the ability to create complex solutions.
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