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OUTCOMES (First 6 months)

  • Assessment time reduced from 7 business days to 1 hour
  • Conversion increased from 13.5% to 43%
  • 75% higher instances of gap control identification


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As an emerging consultancy provider, AssuranceLab entered the market at the right time for their SOC 2 cyber security services. However because of this, they couldn’t keep up with the demand for their services.

Consultants in cyber security, assurance, and audit, often rely on a good understanding of each client’s business which involves a very broad operational focus and relies on multiple, often many, client contacts.

Collecting that information manually is time consuming, prone to error, and is full of ambiguity. Consultants get lost in detail and then are unable to make sense of it all. The common criticisms of consulting providers are; they’re expensive, not available when you need them, and hit or miss on quality. Clients find it hard to verify if their outputs are complete and appropriate. CEO Paul Wenham describes this as “a leap of faith."

AssuranceLab chose automation; not only because it was cheaper, but also because it provided various quality and consistency benefits that would be key to scaling high-quality, client-centric services

Through Checkbox, AssuranceLabs remedied their pain points by automating data capture with a clear audit trail such that various client contacts can complete assessments in their own time. This gave the company both a clear picture of the business and a high quality, consistent method of turning their data inputs into actionable outputs connected with theirservices goals.

Within just the first few months, AssuranceLab experienced significantly reduced assessment times and fewer audit quality review points through implementing new automation solutions with Checkbox

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