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Coca-Cola Amatil


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  •  Legal
  • Company Secretary
  • Procurement
  • People & Culture

OUTCOMES (First 6 months)

  •  1,000+ documents generated
  •  45+ Automation Apps built
  •  20+ active independent App authors


Document Generation

Workflow Automation

No-Code App Development

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Coca-Cola Amatil was seeking a “build it yourself” platform that empowers the people who know the issues and processes best within the business to rapidly automate them without reliance on IT or external vendors.

Coca-Cola Amatil found that their teams dealt with numerous manual tasks and processes as part of their day-to-day operations

These included the population and drafting of documents, approval workflows and inter-department communications. With the IT team focussed on supporting core business functions such as sales and finance, automating these particular kinds of workflows was not high on the priority list. As such, teams were left to continue doing work manually or work with legacy software or external vendors, which often came with high costs and dependency on expertise and knowledge outside of the organisation.

Although Coca-Cola Amatil was initially looking for document automation tools, they realised that document automation is only a small part of a larger end-to-end business process

Checkbox was highly attractive because it allowed them to automate not only the document aspect, but also the larger business process that crosses functions and departments if they wished, or the scope anywhere in between. With Checkbox, applications were built in a fraction of the time needed for traditional IT projects, with “the building of a proof of concept app often achieved in just a couple of hours”, and can easily be amended as business requirements evolve.

Within just the first 6 months, Coca-Cola Amatil achieved strong outcomes using Checkbox, with the shortest turnaround time being only 3 weeks to progress from ideation to automation.

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