How Telstra Automated Intake
and Triage Using Checkbox

How Telstra Automated Intake and Triage Using Checkbox

Doing More With Less Through Automation

Watch Denise Doyle, Legal Enablement Lead at Telstra as she discusses how Telstra automated their low value and repetitive work with legal intake and triage automation. Extremely passionate about business and digital transformation, Denise walks you through:

  • Telstra’s Automation Journey To Date

  • Engage Legal: Telstra’s Most Prominent Example of Automation Success With Checkbox

  • Telstra’s Transformation Model

  • Telstra’s Change Governance Framework

"Through automating our processes, we’ve saved over 6,000 hours per annum across all the apps we’ve developed. Our lawyers spend less time on menial tasks and more time on things that require their skills and expertise, and they get to spend more face-to-face time with business stakeholders to meet business deliverables."
denise checkbox
Denise Doyle
Legal Transformation Lead at Telstra

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