Boost staff and supplier compliance of procurement processes and policies whilst providing visibility and standardisation for the procurement function

Procurement automation is technology that allows procurement teams to digitise, streamline, automate and measure procurement policies, documents and frameworks.

Why is Procurement Automation Important?

Procurement processes have been growing in complexity over the years and now rely on a myriad of policy documents, controls and people to ensure that they are properly interpreted and followed. To manage this, procurement professionals use technology that is often legacy, rigid and not interoperable. This results in multiple disjointed systems that cover at best 60-70% of the work that needs to be done while also being inflexible to adapt to any change in requirements as they arise from the business. To combat this challenge, procurement teams are forced to plug the gaps using DIY spreadsheet-based solutions and manage processes and workflow in email.

This method of working for procurement teams results in the following challenges:

  • Difficulty in having organisation-wide visibility and centrally tracking and managing procurement activities.
  • Risk of non-compliance, incorrect decisions and loss of information.
  • Inefficient use of time in administering policies and compliance rather than focusing on getting the best commercial and strategic outcomes for the organisation.
  • Confusion from the business around where and how to apply procurement policies.

Use Cases for Procurement Automation

Procurement automation empowers teams to digitise and automate many of the manual aspects of procurement processes, for both the procurement function as well as the business undertaking a procurement activity.


At Checkbox, we’ve helped companies operationalise their procurement frameworks and policies on a single, intuitive system that is able to cover and end to end journey including:

  1. Navigate policies and frameworks
    Codify procurement policies and frameworks into digital self-serve experiences that navigate the user through the rules
  1. Build in controls
    Controls and checks are built into the system such as requiring a minimum number of suppliers to be considered over a transaction threshold
  1. Weighted risk assessments
    Conduct automated risk assessments against suppliers for areas such as information security and modern slavery
  1. Document generation
    Generate tailored documents such as NDAs and service agreements that are ready for review or signature
  1. Approval workflow
    Facilitate and triage the approval workflow to stakeholders who are only included when relevant and track all interactions digitally and centrally
  1. Integrated data
    Pre-populate, validate and update data throughout the workflow from systems of record such as vendor management systems

Benefits of Procurement Automation

Whilst there are procurement technologies that help procurement teams manage a big part of their work, procurement automation enables many of the capability gaps of these legacy systems to be rapidly covered.

Here are just some of the benefits of Procurement Automation:

  • Give time back to procurement teams – refocus the procurement team on high impact, commercial and strategic work by creating automation and self-service journeys for the low complexity tasks.
  • Faster turnaround time – remove bottlenecks for the business by improving accessibility to services through self-service whilst shortening the queue for high complexity procurement requests.
  • Higher compliance – improve accuracy and adoption of policies and processes due to the codification of controls, checks and audit trails.
  • Standardisation – create operational excellence and consistency of service delivery.
  • Enhanced visibility – gain centralised management and tracking of processes across the organisation to enable proper risk management and timely decision-making.

Checkbox as a Procurement Automation Platform

The Checkbox automation platform empowers procurement teams to build intuitive, end to end digital processes that can be deployed across the organisation, using drag and drop. Trusted by the best brands globally across procurement teams of all sizes, Checkbox has been a critical piece in their transformation journey, providing not only the best in breed automation technology but the expertise to ensure success.

Checkbox is known for being the easiest to use, yet powerful automation platform available for procurement teams. Combined with our deep expertise in automation and transformation, we are excited to demonstrate to you why the best chooses Checkbox and why they always succeed with us.

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Empower users to raise a procurement request through the correct procurement channel with all supporting documents generated automatically

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