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Checkbox is the only platform which provides a full suite of
enterprise-grade app development features on a single interface
Checkbox is the only platform which provides a full suite of enterprise-grade app development features on a single seamless interface
A full suite of no-code app development features on a single platform

On Checkbox, you can build and flexibly deploy apps to automate processes through a multitude of app-development capabilities

document generation

Document Generation

Generate ready-to-go documents, pre-filled and tailored from styled templates with e-signature

forms automation

Forms Automation

Capture the information you need from users or systems and conduct triage using smart forms

workflow automation

Workflow Automation

Automate end-to-end user journeys including approvals, scheduled tasks and reminders

data apps

Data Applications

Record, retrieve and update data from dynamic systems of record that connect with your Checkbox Apps

decision support

Decision Support

Design complex rules and decision-tree logic, including calculations and weighted scores

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No Code App Building

Prototype, build & maintain applications without IT-skills using our easy to use drag-and-drop interface



Automate your processes & deploy solutions in hours, not weeks - all without writing a single line of code

legal document workflow automation


Checkbox enables users without an IT background to rapidly build solutions without technical limitations

legal workflow automation


Automate complex processes end-to-end and deploy refined solutions using our powerful enterprise-wide platform

Features anyone can use

Build feature-rich apps on our easy-to-use, drag and drop development studio and say goodbye to clunky Excel sheets, manual processes and legacy systems!

Smart Forms

Build digital smart forms including conditional fields, Y/N, dropdowns, free text and more

Flexible Deployment

Multiple native deployment options to facilitate both external & internal user journeys, plus white-labelling

Configurable Permissions

Configurable enterprise access controls with permission structures set at account, team & workflow levels

Dashboards & Analytics

Gain instant insights into your customers, services & processes through powerful customisable dashboards

Distribute via URL

Distribute apps via a web link with the option to apply a passcode, as an alternative to logging in

Dynamic Tables

Build interactive tables that dynamically render rows and content depending on user responses

Enterprise Integrations

Checkbox is SSO-ready and can easily plug into your existing enterprise solutions through SSO, REST APIs & Webhooks

Audit Trail

Transcript and centralisation of responses, actions, and documentation for audit and record keeping purposes

Approval Workflow

Approve or reject responses digitally with comments & centralised tracking

Parallel Workflow

Create multiple parallel streams of work for information or approvals

Bulk Processing

Execute bulk triage, document generation or approvals by simply uploading a csv file

Tool Tips

On-screen guidance to provide additional support to the user through definitions and links

File Upload

Allow users to upload images and documents as evidence or support to their responses

Email Notifications

Automate emails with custom messages that are sent based on set conditions or outcomes

White Labelling

Change the logo and colours of your platform & solutions to give your brand’s look and feel

Data Export

Export selected data from the platform in csv format with one click

and more..

Integrate Checkbox Apps with Your Existing Work


Customer Relationship Management

Create, update, and validate data against customer and vendor records

Financial Management Systems

Perform calculations & generate documents as financial data is updated

Human Capital Management

Populate forms, documents and drive decision-logic using employee information

Document Management Systems

Store generated or uploaded documents into specified folders


Bulk process data for triage, reasoning and document generation by uploading a csv file


Send documents directly for e-signature with custom email messaging


Trigger messages, emails and notifications with dynamic content specific to events

Task & Matter Management

Create, assign, update and close tasks or matters based on data captured

Access &
Authentication Control

Enable single sign-on (SSO) and sync user permissions with access controls

Intranet & Portals

Embed forms and tools as hyperlinks or iFrames in collaboration spaces

Online Databases

Validate and auto-populate inputs in forms from other systems

Business Intelligence

Export captured data for analytics and visualisation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Checkbox is a no code platform that enables non-technical business users to build automation tools rather than other low code platforms that are used by the IT team because they are too technical or difficult to use for business users. Checkbox is also unique in that it combines forms automation, decisioning support, document automation and workflow automation all on a single platform to enable complete end-to-end expert process automation with a seamless end-user experience.

Checkbox automates manual processes that involve precious expert time. We call this expert process automation (EPA). This includes processes such as collecting information, generating documents, conducting risk assessments, drawing conclusions, providing advice and answering FAQs, review and approval workflows, and conducting quality assurance and audits. Find our most common use cases here.

Yes, Checkbox has a range of templates for common use-cases which you can get access to. Any application built in Checkbox can also be exported with a single click to enable template sharing across users, even outside your organisation. You can explore available solution templates here.

Yes, applications built on Checkbox can be integrated with any other system that has available REST APIs. Integrations within Checkbox applications typically streamline the flow of data and trigger events across your existing systems and workflow. You can pull data and documents from other systems into Checkbox and conversely push data and documents into other systems automatically.

Checkbox is no code. Our completely visual drag and drop application builder means that anyone can build their own automation and workflow tools without coding or IT knowledge. We have lawyers, HR, procurement, risk and compliance professionals, business analysts all building on Checkbox, without prior technical knowledge.

Checkbox is designed to be the fastest no code development platform. We have seen simple applications with basic logic (e.g. NDA automation) built in just 15 minutes, right up to complex end-to-end business processes (e.g. complete automation of an organisation’s entire procurement framework) built in 6 months. Regardless of the size and complexity of the solution, Checkbox’s completely visual drag and drop application builder allows solutions to be built and deployed in a fraction of the time, risk, and cost compared to traditional IT development.

Yes. Whilst Checkbox is no code, some use-cases may still require coding either due to complexity or the need for integrations with other systems. The Checkbox authoring studio provides a component which enables code to be written and executed as part of the workflow, often leveraging the skill set of IT staff to build upon the no code foundation built by the business users.

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