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How to Build a Strong Business Case for Automation

Join Minwoo Yim, Customer Success Lead at Checkbox in our third episode of the automation series. In our last webinars, we discussed how automation can help you achieve your 2021 strategy and the framework for ideating and validating use cases. In this webinar, Minwoo will guide you through the secrets of building a compelling business case to ensure buy-in from stakeholders across the organisation.

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Achieving Your 2021 Strategy Using Automation:

Join Minwoo Yim, Customer Success and Delivery Lead at Checkbox, as he shares stories of how different customers have leveraged automation to achieve strategic goals including, cost reduction, risk minimisation, digitalisation, and improved customer experience.
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automation of regulatory obligations

The Automation of Regulatory Obligations:

Join Paul Wenck, Chair and Co-founder of Checkbox and Paul Wenham, CEO of AssuranceLab as they look at how automation technology contributes to meeting regulatory obligations and how this should deliver real competitive advantages for your business.
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legal technology stack webinar

Assembling a Legal Tech Stack:

We chat with PwC’s Alex Rosenrauch and Checkbox’s Minwoo Yim as they explore how legal technology can solve the challenges of constrained resources in in-house legal teams.

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legal services app webinar

Realising Value From Your Productised Legal App:

Paul Wenck, Peter Hunt and Natalie Rubinstein share the proven Go-to-Market framework for the successful deployment and adoption of a legal solution.

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legal transformation post covid

Why Legal Transformation in a Post Covid World:

We chat with Caroline Ferguson on the landscape of legal innovation in a post-COVID world, as seen through her work at Simpson Grierson.

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Automate NDA

How to Automate an NDA in under 20 minutes:

Evan Wong, CEO of Checkbox shares the step by step process of automating an NDA in under 20 minutes and explains how automating can boost efficiency, competitive advantage, and drive customer satisfaction. 

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document execution workflow app

Document Execution Workflow App:

Minwoo Yim, Customer Success Manager at Checkbox demonstrates how to eliminate the confusion and inefficiencies behind the pre-signature approval and document execution process within your organisation.

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legal intake and triage

Legal Intake and Triage:

Minwoo Yim, Customer Success Manager at Checkbox, shares how you can boost efficiency by creating a single digital point, where business users can request and access legal or other services via an automated and standard process.

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why law firms are automating advice

Why Law Firms Are Automating Advice:

Evan Wong, CEO of Checkbox, shares the organisation’s experience working with many law firms who have embraced automation and found a compelling home for it in what seems like a contradicting business model.

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