In-house Legal App Template

Automated Intake and Triage

Access legal services through a streamlined & standardised process
that enables self-service, automated tools, or escalation to the appropriate lawyer
Access legal services through a centralised, streamlined and standardised process that enables self-service resources, automated tools, or escalation to the appropriate lawyer

Key Features

  • Information Intake

    Enables business users to quickly and dynamically get the right information/decision for their legal query without having to read long FAQ documents or spending lawyer’s time on simple requests.

  • Matter Management Automation

    For queries that require lawyer’s engagement, the tool dynamically captures the right information, automatically creates a matter in your matter management system and directs the request to the right lawyer.


  • Focus on high value work

    Enable your team to focus on high value work by allowing the business to self serve standard requests.

  • Gain visibility from data

    Track the type and volume of service requests to measure operational efficiency and potential risk.

  • Generate faster turnarounds

    Enable immediate 24/7 access to the business, whilst freeing up your team to get through the high value work faster.

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Allow business users to access the self-serve legal intake and triage tool from their company portal

A URL can be embedded inside the company portal, or iFrame can enable users to access the tool while staying inside the portal.

2. Use dynamic smart forms for business users to enter information

Smart forms with on-screen guidance enable business users to provide necessary information to receive self-service advice, generate contracts, or have their request be triaged to the relevant lawyer.

3. Automatically score assessments and provide automated advice

Use automatic scoring and decision logic to automatically score requests and advise business users on what actions to perform next.

4. Automatically store documents and create matters

Checkbox integrates with multiple systems to automatically store generated documents in central document repositories and create matters in matter management systems.

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