COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Enable on-site visitors to seamlessly check-in when visiting the office to ensure compliance with government regulations relating to COVID-19.

Key Features

  • Enables reception staff to easily specify the names and personal details of any visitors, mitigating the need for contact via paper forms/iPads with multiple individuals.
  • Centralizes visitors for the day into a simple table view for easy review and submission.
  • Gives risk and compliance process administrators clear visibility over submissions across multiple states and nation-wide branches.


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How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Easy access for administrative staff

Enable access by embedding a link on administrative portals, or websites.

2. Dynamic forms and questionnaires

Allow seamless data entry with smart forms to capture guest details quickly and easily.

3. Oversee all data

Pre-submission reviews via Checkbox transcripts allows administrative teams to ensure data correctness and minimise information errors. Customized dashboards to see an overview enables compliance teams to monitor and quickly search submissions when required.

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