Employee Engagement Survey

Rapidly build bespoke surveys to capture feedback from employees and improve processes and events.

Key Features

  • Employee feedback is captured via a simply distributed link, using Checkbox’s smart-capture tools (FORM table).
  • If desired, responses can be mapped to quantitative scoring behind the scenes, or escalated to the relevant employee engagement professionals using workflow.
  • Checkbox’s dashboarding capabilities are used to provide dynamic aggregate analysis of custom data sets.


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How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Easy access for administrative staff

Enable access by embedding a link on administrative portals, or websites.

2. Dynamic forms and questionnaires

Intuitively capture employee details using smart, digital forms.

3. Leverage workflow automation

Ensure compliance of information and oversight into complex cases using workflow-enabled review by HR teams.

4. Clearly see an overview of data

Provide HR with an overview of all survey results to make improved business decisions.

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