HR Onboarding

Fast-track and streamline the onboarding experience for both employees and HR teams.

Key Features

  • Customize solutions for the business and each team, quickly adapting to employee contractual situations without consuming IT’s time.
  • Automatically send bespoke onboarding packs to new employees with a one-click bulk upload.
  • Seamlessly collect information from required stakeholders and rely on automated email reminders to prompt them to provide input.
  • Facilitates the e-signature process, ensuring documents can be automatically signed and stored as a pdf.


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How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Easy access for administrative staff

Enable access by embedding a link on administrative portals, or websites.

2. Dynamic forms and questionnaires

Intuitively capture employee details using smart, digital forms.

3. Leverage workflow automation

Ensure compliance of information and oversight into complex cases using workflow-enabled review by HR teams.

4. Automatically generate error-free documents

Generate compliant-by-design employment documents in Word or PDF which can then be sent for e-signature.

5. Clearly see an overview of data

Allow process owners to monitor, remind and quickly search submissions when required.

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