Interview Guide Generator

Generate bespoke interview guides from an intuitive digital questionnaire and facilitate the interview process through on-screen guidance and checklists.

Key Features


  • Standardization in interview procedure and questions across the organization, enabling more objective interviewing and greater incorporation of questions desired at an organizational level (e.g. those regarding value alignment etc).
  • Digital experience for interviewers, enabling fast and easy capture of interviewer feedback and numerical evaluations.
  • Simplified decision-making process for hiring manager, with all interviewers’ notes centralized and required calculations (e.g. average scores) dynamically calculated. This reduces the need for meetings or back and forth email chains to finalize recruitment decisions.

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How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Dynamic forms and questionnaires

Rely on standard questions which can be selected in-app based on the role and type of interview.

2. Bespoke document generation

Instantly generate interview guides in a Word or PDF format for quick and easy distribution via email.

3. Facilitate the option for interviewer feedback

Enable interviewer(s) to record their feedback digitally in both free-form fields and against scoring mechanisms.

4. Centralise all feedback reviews

Provide a central location to store interview feedback for final decision-maker(s) to make fast, informed decisions.

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