Pre-qualification App

Automate the process of onboarding contractors through a thorough OHS&E management and compliance audit based on their individuals services being provided.

Key Features

  • Provide a single platform for all stakeholders involved in the process of procuring and qualifying a new contractor (i.e. Procurement, Contractors, Auditors, Managers).
  • The App automatically selects relevant questionnaires required out of the 200+ possible scope of works, for the contractors to submit responses and upload supporting documents and files.
  • Seamlessly include workflows to selected auditors to comment and score each response. This workflow process can loop back and forth between auditor & contractor until it is ready to proceed to management.
  • Automatically calculate the compliance result, using weighted scoring and a preset matrix. This categorizes the contractor and forwards the results to management for approval before notifying each stakeholder of the result via email with a breakdown of the audit pass/fail results.


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How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Dynamic forms and questionnaires

Allow users to select the scope of work to dynamically self-serve the relevant questionnaires to complete.

2. Users can attach documents to be audited

These files can be restricted to prevent unnecessary file types for the auditor to review.

3. Auditing approval & contractor resubmission

Workflows will automatically notify the auditors with the contractor responses and documents for review. This process can go back and forth indefinitely between contractors and auditors before qualification is accepted by the auditor.

4. Qualification approval from email with report

A matrix calculates the weighted scoring and the platform can generate a breakdown of results using document templates. This can be attached to emails for easy viewing and approval, all within the email notification.

5. Email notification & yearly audit reminder

BPM management can automatically send reminders to managers and users when the next audit is required. BPM management can automatically send reminders to managers and users when the next audit is required.

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