Privacy Breach Submission

Manage privacy breach notifications, triage and reporting in a single app, spending less time on paperwork and more time on breach responses.

Key Features

  • Enable business users to quickly and simply provide the details of a potential breach in line with the OAIC’s reporting guidelines.
  • Dynamically assess whether a breach has occurred using weighted risk scoring against the OAIC’s breach determination criteria.
  • If a breach has occurred, triage severity and escalate to Privacy team for review.
  • Provide privacy team with a clear overview of breach and system triage, with structured next steps and recommendations to enable privacy team to quickly and easily action and report on the breach if required.


  • Clear and centralized location for all business users to quickly report a breach, reducing panic and confusion around procedures when a breach does occur.
  • Objective assessment of breach using risk scoring and OAIC criteria to reduce subjectivity from human error.
  • Minimizes back-and-forth typically faced by privacy teams in dealing with applications that provide insufficient information.
  • Maps directly to OAIC criteria for notifiable breaches, making it easy to report a notifiable breach if required.

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How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Dynamic forms and questionnaires

Enable clear and simple capture of all the key details required to assess a privacy breach.

2. Dynamic outcome assess

Smart-form input is used to generate an objective initial assessment of privacy breach for further triage.

3. Escalation workflow

Based on assessment outcome, privacy breaches can be dynamically escalated using Checkbox's workflow capabilities to ensure efficient actioning and pro-active risk mitigation.

4. Dashboard overview

Centralised record of all breaches for audit purposes and ability to analyse data to identify trends in breach reports. This insight can be viewed by process administrators to fuel iterative process improvement.

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