Project Risk Register

Codify risk management frameworks through dynamic smart forms and weighted-scoring assessments to log and track risks effectively.

Key Features

  • Enable any business user to raise risks by allowing access to the App from the company portal page
  • Provide on-screen guidance and relevant links so business users enter information with the correct resources to aid them.
  • Upon submission, a third-party integration can be triggered to log the risk in other systems, such as Confluence where a JIRA card is created.


  • Reduce time and error: Save hours spent searching for correct guidance around assessing, logging and escalating risks, and enable your project teams to focus on the delivery work.
  • Centralise audit trail and dashboards: Leave locally stored files and scattered emails behind. A complete audit trail of all actions and information is safely secured in a centralised, search-enabled environment with the ability to draw insights from our customisable dashboards.
  • Reduce the need for back and forth information collection: Risk & Compliance teams are meant to be controlling risk, not collecting information. Save time chasing details and let the business line self serve, 24/7 with a secure cloud register.

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How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Allow users to complete assessments via a dynamic smart questionnaires

Codify risk management frameworks using dynamic smart questionnaires which allow users to input information and conduct standardised assessments.

2. Conduct assessments with weighted scoring

Use custom calculations, decision-tree logic, and weighted scoring to automatically determine risk levels.

3. Automatically generate bespoke reports

Automatically populate and generate relevant reports based on collected information as well as decision-logic, calculations, and derived outcomes.

4. Track all information using a centralised dashboard

Centrally track and manage all assessments, view their status in real-time, and visualise data.

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