Suppliers Entitlements Contract Generation

Bulk generate and send error-free renewal contracts to suppliers, including dynamic clauses and any changes based on entitlements.

Key Features

  • Allows the bulk upload of hundreds of supplier information into Checkbox via a CSV, or third-party integrations.
  • Automatically generates contracts based on an underlying master template, ensuring compliant-by-design documents to be generated.
  • Provides a centralized dashboard to view all contract details and e-signature status.


  • Faster turn-around time for the contracts: from automated bulk contract generation to workflow approvals, the entire process is streamlined and designed to reduce the time spent on this repetitive task.
  • Eliminate contract errors: the automation of letter generation using information from existing CRM databases ensures error-free letters are created each time.
  • Effortlessly sign contracts: moving from manual paper-based contracts, or PDFs to e-signature makes the contract signature process convenient for suppliers and senior staff.

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How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Collect or pre-fill supplier's details

Checkbox’s form-based user-interface allows new suppliers to quickly and easily provide their basic details. Checkbox also offers bulk-upload functionality to enable legal-led process initiation for existing suppliers where their data is already available.

2. Pull information from other sources

Increase efficiency and compliance by retrieving information from other sources. For example, the company name can be automatically populated after the ABN is entered.

3. Automatically generate bespoke contracts

Leverage Checkbox's Word Add-In to codify existing contract templates. These act as the underlying master template which all contracts are generated from based on the information captured in smart forms.

4. Monitor the status of all contracts at-a-glance

Approved stakeholders can use Checkbox Dashboards to manage and monitor the progress and audit trails of all contracts. Information such as the e-signature status, approval status and history of reviews can be displayed.

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