Automated Advice Generator

Acquire new leads, add value to existing clients and empower your junior lawyers by providing a 24-7 self-serve tool for standard advice.

The Challenges

It is critical that law firms can provide timely response and advice to clients in need. However, factors such as availability or different time zone can make this challenging. Further, clients often engage without the proper information or documentation required to provide advice, resulting in a lengthy and time-consuming process of back-and-forth emails, phone calls and forms. The capacity to serve clients is also limited by junior lawyers who may not have the domain expertise to give advice, relying on Partners or senior lawyers who are then taken away from higher priority, high complexity work for the firm.

How Checkbox Solves Automated Advice Generator


How Does Checkbox Address It?

It is a highly time-consuming process to follow-up for information and documentation with potential clients. 

User-friendly Checkbox forms allow customers to provide information and upload relevant documents in their own time.  

Clients may not have a streamlined experience if their engagement consists of manual forms, phone calls and back and forth emails. 

The Checkbox experience is fully digitalised and user-friendly with bespoke tool tips and resources available for the client's advice request. 

Typically, only Partners and senior lawyers understand how to navigate and legal technical knowledge that govern the client’s situation. This draws them away from more complex work where they are needed most. 

Partners can codify their expert knowledge in specific areas into Checkbox to upskill junior staff and empower them to independently serve clients. 

Junior lawyers may not know how to request for information and documentations from customers. 

Checkbox facilitates an intuitive, digital journey for junior staff, with on-screen guidance that walks them through the information needed and can even generate a preliminary recommendation that is compliant-by-design. 

Clients want a quick turnaround on response times and advice, but firms are currently limited by lawyer availability and time zone. 

24-7 self-serve tools are made available on the firm’s website, incentivising those in other geographical locations to contact the law firm, broadening the client base to other countries as well. 

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Potential customers access the self-serve tool from the firm’s website:

A URL can be embedded inside the firm’s website, or iFrame can enable users to access the tool without leaving the web page.

2. Customers self-navigate through the intuitive tool to provide information and upload documents:

Smart forms with on-screen guidance enables a self-serve but intuitive experience for customers to provide necessary information to receive bespoke advice.

3. Checkbox automatically generates bespoke preliminary advice for the client, and notifies lawyers of the potential customer:

Legally correct preliminary advice is created inside Checkbox based on the customer details provided and in-built complex decisioning logic including calculations and weighted scoring. Customer details, e.g., email address and phone number, are forwarded onto a group of lawyers for a follow-up conversation.

4. Checkbox can automatically store information and uploaded documents in other matter management systems:

For existing clients, information and uploaded documents are sent to store in other systems such as SharePoint, Hot Docs, iManage, or NetDocuments.

5. Gain insights into the types of advice requested and improve services over time:

Track and manage queries, and view analytics through the Checkbox customisable dashboard.


  •  Gain leads through the 24-7 self-service tool 
    Automating advice generation provides instantaneous bespoke advice for less complex cases and creates an opportunity to start a conversation for lawyers and potential clients. 
  •  Shorten the time required to gather client information 
    Provide clients with an intuitive tool for them to upload documents and information in their own time.
  •  Free up time for Partners and senior lawyers 
    Checkbox’s no-code automation engine empowers experts to codify their knowledge into a solution that provides advice for less complex matters so they can focus on higher value, strategic work. 
  •  Provide superior customer experience 
    Customers can receive instantaneous bespoke advice around their situation and be contacted by a lawyer who already understands their situation.
  •  Expand the law firm’s customer base 
    Leverage automated decision-making in advice generation to reach customers in other time zones and provide current customers in other locations with this self-serve tool. 

Key Features

  • No code app builder & studio
  • Smart and dynamic forms
  • Decision-tree logic 
  • Automated email notifications
  • Integrations with third-party systems
  • Tailored dashboards

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