In-house Legal Use Cases

Contract Generation

Free up time for the legal team by automating standard, low risk documents

Key Use Cases & Apps

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Generate Non-Disclosure Agreements from an intuitive digital questionnaire and facilitate the approval and signature process.

Technology Trial Agreement

Generate Technology Trial Agreements from an intuitive digital questionnaire and facilitate the approval and signature process.

Master Services Agreement

Generate Master Consulting Services Agreements from an intuitive digital questionnaire and facilitate the approval and signature process.

Separation Agreement Generation

Standardize the separation agreement and centralize commonly used clauses for use by the HR and Employment Law team.

Master Supply Agreement

Generate Master Services Agreements from an intuitive digital questionnaire and facilitate the approval and signature process.

Memorandum of Understanding

Document the mutually accepted expectations in negotiations faster by automating your Memorandum of Understanding contract.

Talent Release Contract

Enable business users to generate their own Talent Release Contracts when looking to authorize the use of someone’s voice or image.

Board/Committee Papers

Free up the time of the legal team by automating the generation of committee reports and papers after a committee/board meeting.

Novation Agreement

Transfer contractual obligations faster by automating the generation of Novation Agreements.

Cloud Services Agreement

Enable legal teams to auto-generate release agreements when enforcing other parties to not proceed with legal claims.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Enable business users to self-serve their own low-risk agreement when engaging with independent contractors.

Trade Agreement

Enable business users to self-serve their own Trade Agreements when negotiating mutual terms with other countries.

Promotion Fulfilment Agreement

Enable business users to self-serve contracts when engaging with manufacturers to define the nature of the relationship, fees, and terms.

Release Agreement

Enable legal teams to auto-generate release agreements when enforcing other parties to not proceed with legal claims.

Terms & Conditions Generation

Automate your organization’s terms and conditions template, allowing business users to assess if they meet requirements without engaging the legal team.

Variation Agreement

Free up the legal team to focus on high-value work by automating the documentation of changes to an original contract.

Master Technology Services Agreement

Enable business users to self-serve their own contract when engaging new technology service providers that carry low risk and only escalate to the legal team for high-risk, complex contracts.

Key Accounts Trading Term Agreement

Enable business users to self-serve Trading Term Agreements when determining terms and conditions with suppliers.

International Customer Settlement Agreement

Allow business users to self-serve and settle disputes with international customers faster by automating your International Customer Settlement Agreement.

The Challenges

Manual contract generation of critical documents like contracts, letters and reports, can become a bottleneck for progressing business deals. Document templates can be time-consuming to find and outdated – one that doesn’t accurately reflect the current position of the business or is not on brand. Business users will often turn to emails and phone calls to get a ‘quick response’ from the legal team. The legal team responds, but with the same questions each time: “Who is requesting this?”, “What is the purpose?”. Considering the hundreds of documents requested from the legal team, we realize the number of repetitive and tedious hours spent each year when higher impact work should be prioritized instead. Furthermore, after stakeholders have signed the completed document, finalized contracts may not be centralised in a single repository.

How Checkbox Solves Legal Contract Generation

Challenges How does Checkbox address it?

High turn-around time for documents which can slow down business deals. For both business users and the legal team, the manual collection of client data for the contract is time-consuming and repetitive.

Checkbox builds in smart, dynamic forms with complex rules and decision-tree logic, including calculations and weighted scoring, empowering business users to self-serve without requiring input from the legal team. 
These documents are automatically customized and can feature: 
1. Conditional clauses – only the relevant clauses are inserted into the document and numbered automatically. 
2. Dynamic tables to structure information in rows and columns that are adjusted automatically to the content. 

High risk of human error from manually creating contracts, and non-compliance if the incorrect, or an outdated template is used. 

The generation of documents is automated by populating an underlying master template which is compliant by design. 

Manual look up and rekeying of data from multiple sources, such as CRM systems. 

Data required for the documents is automatically retrieved from various systems including Hubspot, Salesforce, and SharePoint through REST API. 

Clients experience a tedious and lengthy contract signing process by having to download, sign and re-send their contract. 

Leverage e-signature in Checkbox to provide an effortless experience for clients and reduce friction and time to execution. 

Horizontal view of the approval and contract status is lost through back-and-forth emails.  

Track the real-time status with Checkbox dashboards where information such as contract status, e-signature status, and approval timestamps can be displayed.  

Minimal visibility on the finalized document post-signature. 

Generated and signed documents are all stored in Checkbox and can be sent to store in other document repository systems such as Google Drive, SharePoint, iManage, or NetDocuments.

Key Features


  • Empower the legal team to focus on high value strategic work

    Providing an intuitive, self-service tool for business users will minimise the time required by the legal team to generate documents, allowing a re-focus on higher value work.

  • Faster turnaround time for business users ensures faster deals progression

    Empowering business users to self-create compliant documents means the legal team does not block the progress of their work.

  • Eliminate contract errors and maintain compliance

    By using compliant-by-design standard templates which are on-brand, operational excellence and a consistency in the legal service delivery is achieved.

  • Improve maintainability

    Through no-code, the solution can be easily modified for any contract content, logic or format changes.

  • Improve client’s experience

    Moving from manual paper-based contracts to e-signature makes the contract generation process convenient and effortless.

  • Oversee the contract and e-signature status

    Track the contract across the stages of its life-cycle process through the Checkbox dashboard. Upon signature, documents are automatically directed to the repository of choice.

What’s the Return on Investment?

On average, with Checkbox, clients save 2 hours* through streamlining the entire end-to-end journey. By assuming that 1,000 documents are generated per year, 2,000 hours from the legal team can be used to re-focus on higher priority work. This tool can also be used indefinitely as the business grows.

* Dependent on the document size


How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Business user accesses the self-serve tool from their company portal

A URL can be embedded inside the company portal, or iFrame can enable users to access the tool while staying inside the portal.

2. Business users provide information for the contract

Smart forms with on-screen guidance enables a self-serve but intuitive experience for business users to provide necessary information to create contracts, e.g., contract start and end date, purpose of engagement, licence amount.

3. Checkbox automatically retrieves information from other systems

Information from ERP, CRM, SCM systems, such as customer details, pricing, and clauses, can be retrieved to be used in contract generation.

4. Checkbox automatically generates the bespoke document

Legally correct contracts are created inside Checkbox based on the customer details provided and in-built complex decisioning logic including calculations and weighted scoring.

5. Checkbox automates the decisioning process

Built in decisioning logic to determine whether an approver is needed, and which level of approval is required.

6. Checkbox automatically sends the contract to relevant parties with requests to e-sign

All relevant parties follow the DocuSign or AdobeSign experience to quickly and easily sign the document.

7. Checkbox can automatically store signed contracts in other document systems

Signed documents are sent to store in central document repositories such as Google Drive, SharePoint, iManage, or NetDocuments. Oversee the document generation and e-signature status.

8. Track the end-to-end lifecycle of the document through the Checkbox dashboard

The real-time stage of the document, along with all contract and e-signature details can be viewed.

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