Finance & Tax Automation

Build Solutions for Finance & Tax

Build Solutions for Finance & Tax

Automate your finance and tax processes to improve efficiency
and accuracy with no-code drag-and-drop
Automate your finance and tax processes to improve efficiency and accuracy with no-code drag-and-drop

Automate your workflows and approvals

Build solutions with automated workflows including scheduled tasks, approvals, reminders, and more. Create parallel workflows and automatically assign different workflows and approvals to multiple users.

Deploy your apps to the business as self-service tools

Easily deploy your apps to business users as self-service tools to triage finance and tax requests, automate advice, and more. You can even use iframe to embed these tools into intranet or website pages.

Common Use Cases

Automated Finance Risk Assessment

Minimise business risk across the organisation at scale by automating the finance risk assessment process

Financial Report Generator

Generate bespoke and compliant-by-design financial reports within a fraction of the time

Expense Request Workflows

Effortless expense automation, fast-tracked to manage finances effectively

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Streamline Processes

Eliminate the need for specialists to explain and facilitate complex, disjointed manual processes


Improve Turn-Around Time

Implement automated and self-service tools so business users lodging requests can be served faster


Ensure Compliance

Build compliant-by-design tools along with in-built checks, controls and audit trails as needed

Finance & Tax automation on a single, powerful, no-code platform

Smart Questionnaire

Gather all required information and only pose relevant questions to auditors


Track processes and data to enable right and timely decision making

Defect Scoring

Record all defects and automatically assign relevant scores to each audit


Approve or reject responses digitally with comments & centralised tracking

CSV Export

Export all audit data into a CSV to run ad-hoc reporting as needed


Audit trails track every user question, response, comment and action

Drag and Drop Studio

Easily build automation solutions without coding knowledge


Work seamlessly across Checkbox and your other tools

Hear what customers have to say

“We have automated a number of manual or error prone tasks quickly using Checkbox and in situations where larger, less flexible incumbent systems haven't been able to do so. In a rapidly changing environment, controlling your own destiny is important.”
“We needed a development platform to build applications to automate our business processes. Often, such processes are very customised, and require changes regularly. Checkbox allows for users with no coding experience to learn and build workflow applications for our business”
Andrew Soh
Director, Singapore Academy of Law
“It’s easy for anyone in your business to learn how to build a basic app. The platform is so flexible that it can be used across different industries. We use it in a large HR function – there are so many opportunities to simplify and automate processes using Checkbox.”
Meg Tripathi
P&C Consultation, Coca-Cola Amatil

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