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Automate your finance and tax processes to improve efficiency and accuracy with our drag-and-drop no code automation platform

Finance and Tax teams historically manage processes using paper or Excel and Word-based forms and emails whilst relying on inflexible and disjointed legacy systems. As a result, processes are fraught with data double entry and errors, and information is lost amongst emails. Many software providers can address some issues via digital forms, but cannot provide the level of sophistication required to manage Finance and Tax's complex workflow-based processes while also enabling Finance and Tax experts to flexibly customise software solutions to meet changing needs.

Use Checkbox to Automate Processes in Finance and Tax

Checkbox empowers Finance & Tax specialists to rapidly create smart questionnaires, automatically generate reports and digitise complex approval and review workflows - all in one system! Checkbox's drag-and-drop studio makes it easy for specialists with little to no technical background to quickly and easily build tools while eliminating tedious manual processes and codify their knowledge.

Streamline Processes and Save Time

Eliminate the need for specialists to explain and facilitate complex, disjointed manual processes

Improve Turn-Around Time

Implement automated and self-service tools so business users lodging requests or seeking advice can be served faster

Enhance Visibility and Decision Making

Centrally manage and track processes for more informed and timely decision-making via dashboards and tracking

Ensure Compliance

Build compliant-by-design tools along with in-built checks, controls and audit trails as needed

Common Use Cases

Intake and Triage Tools

Triage finance and tax related questions to the relevant channel, such as specialised team, self-serve tool in Checkbox, or external system

Approval Workflows

Streamline and digitise approval workflows such as approvals for expenses, financial approval delegation, reimbursement and budget forecast submissions

Automated Advice

Codify expertise around FAQs, complex processes and other rule-heavy areas like financial reporting, tax calculation and regulation compliance

Access App Templates for Finance and Tax

ESIC Eligibility

Automate the end-to-end eligibility test for ESIC tax concessions including the generation of a letter of advice,  styled and ready to go

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Expense Approval Workflow

Triage expense claims to the accounts team and facilitate the approval workflows across different stakeholders

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Sales Proposal Generator

Calculate the quote for service and generate a sales proposal with dynamic content tailored to the client’s requested needs

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