Forms Automation

Build dynamic smart forms to create digital form-based workflows and automate your processes

Create dynamic smart forms to create digital form-based workflows. These forms are self-served by business users, and automate the intake of both structured and unstructured information. When building, anyone can easily insert conditional logic, routing, and decisioning using Checkbox's no-code drag-and-drop studio. You can also easily assign mandatory fields to forms to ensure that the data captured meets your requirements.

Right Every Time

Improve accuracy, standardisation, and compliance within your workflows

Streamline Processes

Build digital form-based workflows to automate inefficient manual processes

Take Control of Data

Access data not captured in manual methods of working such as email

Discover Forms Automation with a Powerful No-Code Platform

Dynamic Forms

Build digital forms with conditional fields using Y/N, dropdowns, free text and more

Decision-Tree Logic

Create forms that react dynamically to the responses to provide a tailored journey

Digital Spreadsheets

Build automatic calculations, if-then logic, and weighted scores into forms

Tool Tips

Add on-screen guidance such as tips and definitions to provide more support to users

Access App Templates

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Generate Non-Disclosure Agreements from an intuitive digital questionnaire and facilitate the approval and signature process around the document

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Legal Intake and Triage

Access services through a centralised, streamlined and standardised process that enables self-service resources, automated tools, or escalation to appropriate lawyers

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Document Execution Approval

Guide users through reviews and facilitate a digital approval process around the signing and execution of agreements depending on factors like contract value and transaction type

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