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Standardise your information security processes and produce compliant-by-design audits using our drag-and-drop automation platform

Information security teams are being tasked with increasingly stringent reporting requirements whilst receiving reduced budget to address work. On top of this, they often work manually using decentralised offline tools like Excel and Word to complete tedious manual processes. This often results in information security teams being flooded with low value, repetitive tasks instead of focusing on high value work.

Use Checkbox to Automate Information Security Processes

Checkbox allows Infosec experts to build their own smart form questionnaires, automated reporting and approval workflows. This enables them to fulfill regulatory reporting requirements quickly and easily. These can easily be built by Infosec experts with little to no IT background thanks to Checkbox's intuitive drag-and-drop studio. As regulations and needs change, in-house experts can alter these software tools accordingly!

Streamline Workflows and Save Time

Create workflows with smart forms, automated assessment scoring, and bespoke document generation

Improve Standardisation

Use one centralised tool across the team to ensure that all audits and assessments are conducted in the same standardised manner

Enhance Visibility

Enable managers to easily manage and track audits by viewing their Checkbox Dashboard

Common Use Cases

IT Security Risk Assessments

Capture, classify, score and report on IT security risks throughout the business in an efficient and easily digestible way. After your data is captured, generate an automated risk assessment and send it to relevant stakeholders.

Security Incidents

Capture potential security incidents with customisable information intake forms, then score incidents based on your internal classifications and produce automated reports. You can also manage incidents through dashboards.

Access App Templates for Information Security

SOC2 Compliance Readiness Assessment

Assess the compliance of a supplier or vendor against both operational and design controls defined by the SOC2 standard to generate a bespoke compliance report document, styled and ready to go

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Vendor IT Risk and Security Assessment

Digitise inefficient spreadsheet questionnaires, automatically selecting the compliant set of controls and questions, and storing the responses in a centralised, secure cloud environment

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International Data Compliance Assessment

Assess the compliance of data risk and security on existing and new systems, processes and business activities against multi-jurisdictional standards and regulations to facilitate necessary approvals and reporting

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Vendor Audit (CPS234)

Audit vendors against a set of dynamic controls that map against regulation to assess criticality to business operations and sensitivity of the data involved

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