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Improve Your Service Quality and Do More with Less Using Our Drag-and-Drop Automation Platform

Currently, legal teams continue to receive more work from the business while receiving reduced budget for addressing this work, leading to a need to do more with less. On top of this, lawyers often deliver their legal expertise manually, which frequently results in their workload being occupied by low value, repetitive work.

Use Checkbox to Automate Legal Processes

Checkbox allows lawyers to build their own decisioning software, enabling them to automate the delivery of their legal expertise to clients. Additionally, Checkbox's drag-and-drop studio makes it easy for lawyers with little to no technical background to quickly and easily develop this software. Clients can then access these tools at their own leisure, without the need to schedule a meeting with a lawyer.

Improve Service Quality

Use automated tools with pre-defined logic to instantly provide expertise and advice for clients seeking legal expertise

Save Time

Use automation tools which filter legal service requests which do not meet required information thresholds

Increase Revenue

Generate additional revenue from the self-serve tools created for clients

Common Use Cases

Lead Generating Tools

Create solutions that sit on your website and offer free legal advice to build brand, capture potential clients' interest and details, or to triage potential clients to directly speaking to a lawyer.

Revenue Generating Tools

Productise your legal services so that low value, highly repetitive legal advice can be distributed at scale. Create additional streams of revenue while also freeing up lawyers to focus on high value work.

Internal Efficiency Tools

Create digital solutions that drive efficiency in the firm by enabling firm staff to create their own context-specific tools such as workflow approvals, document generation and triage software.

Value-Add Tools

Differentiate from your competitors at the panel tender process by offering technology solutions that embody your unique IP and can easily be tailored to your requirements.

Access App Templates for Law Firms

Unfair Dismissal Claims

Apply for unfair dismissal claims via an automated and intuitive questionnaire to qualify eligibility for a claim

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Wills Generator

Generate Wills from an intuitive digital questionnaire that take into account a range of factors including property, children and step children

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COVID-19 Relief on Commercial Leases

Assess the potential eligibility for available government rent relief against commercial leases

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