In-house Legal Automation

Legal Workflow Automation

Quickly and easily automate your workflows from end-to-end
using the most powerful no-code legal automation software
Quickly and easily automate your workflows from end-to-end using the most powerful no-code legal workflow automation software

Automate your legal workflows to eliminate tedious manual processes

Build legal workflow automation solutions including scheduled tasks, approvals, reminders, and more. Create parallel workflows and automatically assign different workflows to multiple users.

Build in decision logic to facilitate legal workflow automation

Create pre-determined logic using Checkbox’s powerful decision engine to facilitate your legal workflows. This includes calculations, decision-tree logic, digital spreadsheets, if-then logic, and more.

document generation

Document Execution

Digitize your document execution workflow to get your business deals across the line fast

decision support

Delegation of Authority

Free up time for the legal team by digitizing and operationalizing complex approvals through automation

Legal Intake & Triage

Enable self-service & centralize the matter intake process with automated triage through a legal front door

data apps

Request For Information

Save time on receiving and processing RFIs to allow your legal team to focus on higher value work

Legal Advice & FAQ

Enable the self-service of standardized legal advice and provide an up-to-date FAQ for business users

workflow automation

Claims Workflow & Approval

Facilitate and streamline the claims process whilst improving customer experience

Transform your team with legal workflow automation

legal document workflow automation

Minimize Errors

Improve accuracy, standardization, and compliance with systemized knowledge

legal workflow automation

Streamline Processes

Automate inefficient processes that use clunky legacy systems

legal workflow automation

Take Control Of Data

Access data not captured in manual methods of working such as email

Legal workflow automation on a single, powerful no-code platform

Workflow Engine

Automate end-to-end workflows like approvals, bulk processes, & scheduled tasks

Dashboards & Analytics

Track progress, and gain instant insights into customers, services & processes

Calculation Engine

Design complex rules and logic, including calculations and weighted scores

Parallel Workflows

Facilitate multi-party, concurrent processes to maximize efficiency at scale

Information Intake

Capture the information you need from systems, csv files, or from users via smart forms


Approve or reject responses digitally with comments and centralized tracking

Flexible Deployment

Multiple deployment options to facilitate both external & internal usage


Work seamlessly across the Checkbox platform and your other tools

Hear what customers have to say

"Through automating our processes, we’ve saved over 6,000 hours per annum across all the apps we’ve developed. Our lawyers spend less time on menial tasks and more time on things that require their skills and expertise, and they get to spend more face-to-face time with business stakeholders to meet business deliverables."
"Compared to competitors, Checkbox hit the right balance between capability and ease of use for non-IT app builders, and is flexible to handle process changes without needing to re-engage the vendor. Checkbox is an excellent platform and we receive excellent support from the Checkbox team, who are very responsive to feedback."
"We found the Checkbox platform far better than the alternative solutions because of the usability and speed. It’s intuitive to use and you can change things in a matter of seconds. Checkbox is really quite limitless – it can be designed to fit whatever process, system or design requirements you have, and that is the beauty of it."

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