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People and Culture teams currently use inefficient manual processes such as paper forms, and excel tracking to run and manage employee relations. This pulls HR staff away from valuable people-centric work and bogs them down with administrative tasks. Many software providers can address some issues via digital forms, but cannot provide the level of sophistication required to manage HR’s complex workflow-based processes. Moreover, inability to capture key data from processes makes it difficult to improve process quality.

Use Checkbox to Automate Processes in People & HR

Checkbox enables subject matter experts to create powerful digital forms and develop apps which automate tedious manual processes, and can be deployed to employees organisation-wide.

Job Description Builder

Enable the rapid creation of standard, consistent job descriptions for positions throughout the organisation.

Employment Document Generation

Bulk generate bespoke employment contracts, termination letters, promotion documentation, and more.

Performance Review and Management

Organisation-wide standardisation of multi-user performance reviews and document generation.

Feedback and Financial Expense Submissions

Centralise the capture and triage of feedback and expense claims throughout the organisation.

Access People & HR App Templates

Work-from-home Support

Gather information on employee work from home setups to provide guidelines and further support the efficiency and safety of staff working virtually

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Performance Review

Facilitate and align the self-assessment and manager assessment of performance reviews, including the generation and circulation of related documents

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Bulk Letter Generation

Bulk generate and send letters to employees that are personalised to each recipient, including dynamic clauses and any calculations such as remuneration

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Separation Agreement

Generate Separation Agreements from an intuitive digital questionnaire and facilitate the approval and signature process around the document

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