Recruitment Process Management

Build bespoke solutions in a matter of days to automate unique areas not covered by your recruitment management system

The Challenges

For many organizations, the recruitment process is handled manually without any purpose-built tools. Where off-the-shelf recruitment management systems are available, they tend to have gaps and are inflexible with addressing the requirements unique for each organisation. This leads to common challenges which include having to repeatedly write job descriptions in an ad-hoc manner for the same roles, lack of standardisation of interview processes and candidate evaluation, and collecting and centralising interview notes. These areas tend to be ignored by the existing recruitment systems or require costly and lengthy customisation to meet requirements.

How Checkbox Solves Recruitment Process Management


How Does Checkbox Address It?

Manual population of job descriptions from scratch every time 
Hiring managers and HR professionals must manually create job descriptions every time a new role opens. Finding old examples of job descriptions is often hard and even if they are stored in a central place, the hiring managers still need to read them and make a subjective decision on what requirements and disclaimers to include. This process can be time consuming and lead to the creation of generic and unclear job descriptions that do not attract the right talent. 

Checkbox allows organisations to centralise job description (JD) templates and JD paragraphs with the right wording in one central application. Hiring managers use intuitive and smart Checkbox forms to capture the key job requirements which automatically creates bespoke job descriptions with the right role description, requirements, and disclaimers. 
All generated job descriptions can be easily accessed on a centralised dashboard and re-used. 

Lack of centralised job description approval process 
Job Descriptions are usually sent to HR for approval via email, which can be difficult to track centrally for both HR and submitters. There is often no way to ensure that certain sensitive job descriptions go through proper review. 

Checkbox’s workflow engine automatically triggers relevant approvals across multiple stakeholders in order or concurrently once all relevant information has been provided. 
Checkbox automatically creates a workflow queue of submissions pending approval which reviewers can easily access on a central Checkbox dashboard. This also allows hiring managers to track the progress of their job description. 

Organising Effective Interviews is difficult and time consuming 
As a HR professional or a hiring manager it can be difficult to navigate the interview process and know what step to take next. Hiring managers also often lack time to customise interview guides or search for the best guide or list of questions (if one is even available). 

HR professionals and hiring managers can outline their interview requirements in Checkbox’s digital smart forms and automatically generate interview guides with relevant customised questions and recommended steps. 
Interview steps and checklists can also be digitised into intuitive user journeys with automated notifications to the interviewers, ensuring that they are following a proper process and are providing a high quality experience for candidates. 

Interview notes are not centralised and can get lost in the process 
When multiple interviewers are involved, it is challenging to ensure all notes are taken in a standardised manner and collated for the final decision by the hiring manager. 

Checkbox can also enable interviewers to capture interview notes in digital questionnaires which are then automatically consolidated. This is then made available for final review and approval by the hiring manager, enabling clear and efficient post-interview evaluation and decision-making.

Off-the-shelf systems take a lot of time to implement and are rigid 
Existing off-the-shelf solutions cater to standard processes but cannot be customised to match unique business requirements and are rigid to ongoing process changes. They often have gaps which take a long time to configure and deploy. 

Checkbox is a no-code platform that empowers business experts to digitise and automate complex end-to-end processes in a matter of days or weeks without having to write code. Digital tools and journeys can be built from scratch with your unique requirements in mind and can be quickly customised if processes or rules change, without needing to consume IT’s time. 

How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Capture key information in Checkbox smart forms:

Checkbox’s form-based user-interface allows users to capture all relevant information about new position requirements or an upcoming interview.

2. Checkbox automatically generates bespoke interview guides and job descriptions:

Tailored and correct interview guides and job descriptions are created based on business logic rules defined in Checkbox document automation templates. HR professionals can codify their knowledge and best practices into these templates to enable their colleagues and hiring managers to self-serve and produce comprehensive and correct documents and guides.

3. Perform all necessary approvals involving multiple stakeholders in parallel:

Checkbox’s workflow can facilitate simultaneous data collation (e.g. for capturing interview notes), review and approval (e.g. for getting a final decision from a hiring manager or approving a new job description by HR) by multiple stakeholders leveraging parallel workflow to save time and shorten the turnaround.

4. Track recruitment data and approvals on centralised dashboards:

Access recruitment information and documents from automatically generated data registers as well as track the review and approval progress on a centralised Checkbox dashboard.


  • Quick to build and fully controlled by you 
    The solutions can be built by HR professionals in a matter of days and are fully configurable. They can be quickly adjusted to requirements changes in a matter of minutes, as well as allow to inject your own unique company voice to increase adoption.
  •  Increased efficiency and faster turnaround 
    Reduction in time spent searching for past job descriptions and interview guides and manually creating (or re-creating) them from scratch. Faster turn-around of documents like job description and interview guides for hiring managers due to automation and self-serve.
  •  Centralisation of data and documents
    Access all relevant historic data and documents as well as track reviews and approvals at-a-glance through Checkbox dashboards and audit trails.

Key Features

  • No code app builder & studio
  • Smart and dynamic forms
  • Decision-tree logic
  • Document automation and generation
  • Automated email notifications
  • Approval workflow automation
  • Tailored dashboards

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