Build Solutions for Risk and Compliance

Standardise your regulatory processes and produce compliant-by-design audits using our drag-and-drop automation platform

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) teams are being tasked with increasingly stringent reporting requirements and while receiving less budget. They often deliver this work manually using offline tools like Excel and Word, which often results in workload being occupied by low value, repetitive work. Moreover, the offline and manual nature of the work means managers have a difficulty tracking progress on GRC tasks.

Use Checkbox to Automate Risk and Compliance Processes

Checkbox allows GRC experts to build their own smart-form questionnaires, automated reporting and approval workflows. This enables them to quickly fulfill regulatory reporting requirements. GRC Experts with little to no technical background to quickly and easily develop these tools using Checkbox's drag-and-drop studio. As regulation changes, in-house experts can adjust their software accordingly!

Streamline Processes and Reduce Turnaround Time

Use automated smart forms and workflows to capture necessary information, calculate scores, and generate bespoke documents

Standardise Audits

Ensure all audits across different auditors are being completed in a standardised manner by using one centralised tool

Improve Visibility and Management

Managers can easily manage audits and check on their progress via the Checkbox Dashboard

Common Use Cases

Audit Workflows

Automate audit processes from end to end, such as a CTP Open or Closed file review. Checkbox can intake information from auditors, score the audit based on predetermined logic and generate bespoke report documents with all the necessary information, styled and ready to go.

Approval Workflows

Automate approval workflows, such as waiver submissions and approvals, from end to end. Use smart forms to capture required information to submit requests. Then, use our workflow engine to route requests to the appropriate reviewer for approval, rejection, or other actions.

Access App Templates for Risk and Compliance

Data  Breach Assessment

Report incidents and assess potential data breaches with digital audit trails and automated reporting to monitor key factors such as the type of breach and control gaps

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Project Risk Register

Codify risk management frameworks through dynamic smart forms and weighted-scoring assessments based on predefined logic to log and track risks effectively

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