E2: How Telstra Brought Lawyers On Their Transformation Journey With Denise Doyle, Legal Transformation Lead

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How has the legal team at Australia’s largest telco, Telstra, undergone digital service transformation?
On this episode, we chat with Denise Doyle who is the Lead Enablement Lead at Telstra, Australia’s largest Telco company, and leads the legal operations and transformation initative. Prior to joining the legal team at Telstra, Denise led finance transformation at Westpac and NAB – two of Australia’s largest banks – as well as international finance teams with Citibank and GE.
We talk about:
  • Denise’s favourite movie (surprisingly related to transformation)
  • How she got started in the wonderful world of transformation
  • How she helped drive legal transformation at Telstra
  • Empathy – and the impact of transformation on people and how to navigate it
  • The importance of structural and organic approaches to innovation
  • How to procure and implement technology in an enterprise environment