E3: The Mysterious Pill That Is Transformation – with Tameryn Mallett, Global Process Owner at Lendlease

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Would you accept a pill from your doctor if they never told you what it was?
So often users feel the same way about transformation – resisting it out of confusion and frustration.
On this episode, we chat with Tameryn Mallett who is the Global Process Owner at Lendlease, one of Australia’s largest construction companies, and explore how create an environment that is condusive to change within the business.
Tameryn started her career in software transformation, and the lessons that she’s learnt in transforming people, process and technology within software implementation projects around the globe has enabled her to draw out lasting principles that have been cross-applied to finance and banking, and now in construction.
We talk about:
  • Tameryn’s career journey to date
  • Crossing cross cultural barriers in transformation
  • Waterfall vs agile – and how knowledge workers can begin to think in an agile manner
  • Mindset challenges with transformation
  • Intrapreneurship and the importance of Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
  • The power of data in winning champions and benchmarking success