E4: How HESTA’s Legal Team Drove Transformation Success In Collaboration With The Business

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In what ways can in-house legal teams look to the business to help compliment their legal transformation?

On today’s episode we have a legal transformation story from Jorden Lam who is the General Manager of Operations & Service Delivery – previous to that, she was the General Counsel & General Manager of Commercial Affairs at HESTA leading the legal team and driving the transformation that you’ll hear about today.

We talk about:
  • Jorden’s career journey and how she got started at HESTA
  • Why lawyers are best placed to be problem solvers within the business
  • Challenges faced by legal teams within growing businesses
  • Collaborating with the business to achieve legal transformation success
  • Why lawyers are inherently well placed to understand process
  • How technology implementation is accelerated by well understood processes
  • Iterative improvement mindset

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