Bulk Employee Letter Generation

Bulk generate and send letters to employees that are personalised to each recipient, including dynamic clauses and any calculations such as remuneration.

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How Does Checkbox Automate This?

1. Collect or pre-fill employee details:

Checkbox’s form-based user-interface allows new employees to quickly and easily provide their basic details, and can capture information dynamically depending on the employee’s role, pay grade etc. Checkbox also offers bulk-upload functionality to enable HR-led process initiation for current employees leveraging existing data.

2. Generate a draft letter or agreement for HR/Hiring manager review:

Any approvals required from HR supervisors or hiring managers can be seamlessly captured using Checkbox’s human-in-the loop workflow functionality. Approvers can be sent a draft letter or agreement, which they can approve, edit or send back for further information.

3. Send a finalised document to employee for e-signature:

Once finalised, Checkbox’s out-of-the-box e-sign integrations can be used to automatically send the document to all required signatories and cc’ed parties, before returning to the Checkbox platform as a fully signed agreement.

4. Monitor the status of all agreements and letters at-a-glance:

Process administrators can use Checkbox Dashboards to manage and monitor the progress and audit trails of all letters and agreements. Dashboards also allow for bespoke analytics on data captured and time taken to support organisational efficiency initiatives.