Workflow Automation

Use drag-and-drop to create dynamic automated workflows

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Create custom automated workflows to eliminate tedious manual processes. Harness dynamic user journeys such as the automatic assignment of different workflows to different users based on on predetermined logic.

For example, you can create approval workflows which enable reviewers to view a user’s submission and decide whether to approve, reject or send it back for more information. Checkbox’s email approval feature now facilitates this with a click of a button in-email.

Minimise Errors

Improve accuracy, standardisation, and compliance within your workflows

Streamline Processes

Automate inefficient processes that use clunky legacy systems

Take Control of Data

Access data not captured in manual methods of working such as email

Discover Workflow Automation with a Powerful No-Code Platform

Workflow Engine

Automate end-to-end workflows like approvals, bulk processes, & scheduled tasks

Dashboard & Analytics

Track progress, and gain instant insights into customers, services & processes

Calculation Engine

Design complex rules and logic, including calculations and weighted scores

Parallel Workflows

Facilitate multi-party, concurrent processes to maximise efficiency at scale

Access App Templates

Document Execution Approval

Guide users through reviews and facilitate a digital approval process around the signing and execution of agreements depending on factors like contract value and transaction type

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Performance Review

Facilitate and align the self-assessment and manager assessment of performance reviews, including the generation and circulation of related documents

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Expense Approval

Triage expense claims to the accounts team through self-service tools and facilitate the necessary approval workflows across different stakeholders

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