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law firm software

Why Law Firms Typically Fail at Developing Software

By Evan Wong

Being a software company ourselves and having worked with many law firms on developing software..

July 17, 2020
intake and triage

Legal Teams Should Automate Legal Intake And Triage

By Checkbox

With businesses now requiring increasing amounts of legal support, in-house lawyers have..

July 17, 2020
effective compliance

Overcoming the Challenges of Effective Compliance

By Paul Wenck & Paul Wenham

with the deployment of automated compliance solutions comes opportunities for..

July 10, 2020
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Case Studies

Read how Checkbox has empowered our customers
to navigate through their challenges with automation solutions.

nda case study

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Checkbox is used by a large FMCG company to automate the generation of standard documents such as NDAs. Users fill in a questionnaire which selects the correct NDA document, populates all the dynamic fields and inserts any conditional clauses before facilitating the option of a wet ink or e-signature process.

workflow case study

Document Execution Workflow

Checkbox is used by a large financial institution to digitise and automate their document execution process. The entire document versioning and multi-party approval workflow is facilitated digitally with the correct stakeholders pulledonly when needed, with the full context and audit trail of the approval requested.

intake triage case study

Intake and Triage Automation

Checkbox is used by Australia’s largest telecommunications company to automate the intake and triage of legal requests. A single digital point is used to access legal services in a streamlined and standardised process, directing the user to self-help resources, other automated tools, or escalate to the appropriate lawyer.


Webinar Recordings

Learn how your business can transform with the ability to
automate documents, workflows, and assessments with no code.

Automate NDA

How to Automate an NDA in under 20 minutes:

Evan Wong, CEO of Checkbox shares the step by step process of automating an NDA in under 20 minutes and explains how automating can boost efficiency, competitive advantage, and drive customer satisfaction. 

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document execution workflow app

Document Execution Workflow App:

Minwoo Yim, Customer Success Manager at Checkbox demonstrates how to eliminate the confusion and inefficiencies behind the pre-signature approval and document execution process within your organisation.

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legal intake and triage

Legal Intake and Triage

Minwoo Yim, Customer Success Manager at Checkbox, shares how you can boost efficiency by creating a single digital point, where business users can request and access legal or other services via an automated and standard process.

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Automation Process Guides

Learn the process in ensuring your business is automation ready


From Ideation to Deployment: How to Deploy an App in just weeks

Learn how you can transform your idea into adoption to deliver apps for your legal function.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to take your legal function from ideation to deployment in just a matter of weeks.
  • The step by step stages of a full application development cycle.
  • The stakeholders required at each stage to ensure success.
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Use-case ROI Guide

Validating your Use Cases: Key questions, calculations and more

Learn how you can ensure your use cases deliver real value to your team and business.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to ask Subject Matter Experts the right questions in validation meetings + examples of key questions.
  • The reason behind asking these questions.
  • How to calculate return on investment to figure the tangible benefits of automation for your business e.g. time and monetary savings.
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App On A Page

Champion your app idea with our easy to use one-page
template to get you started with your legal transformation journey.

At the beginning of your legal transformation journey? Don’t know where to start? Before you look for a vendor or get your hands dirty with the technical stuff, we recommend putting a plan in place that outlines exactly what your app will be used for. To help you champion your app idea, we’ve put together an easy to use one-page template, designed to help you communicate the premise and value of your app to your stakeholders.

In this template you’ll find:

  • An editable worksheet that guides you through the step by step process of planning out your app.
  • Framework to communicate the benefit of the application.
  • Guidance on stakeholder mapping.
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Business Case Template

Customise your business case for an automation platform with our template

Looking to get budget approval for your automation initiative? Trying to champion the benefits of automation across your department? Download our completely customisable business case template to help you with the process!

In this template you’ll find:

  • A customisable executive summary.
  • Pages to convey key issues, benefits and solutions.
  • And a step by step on how to calculate and communicate return on investment.
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White Paper

Discover the advantages of leveraging
technology for risk, assurance, and advisory practices.


How No-Code Platforms Accelerate The Digital Transformation of Processes and Expertise

It’s hard to believe that with over 20 years of automation technology available, 68% of enterprise processes remain manual (Source: McKinsey & Company). At Checkbox, our extensive work with clients has shown us that this is for two main reasons; technologies have either been too difficult to implement, or too lightweight to be useful at an enterprise level.

Assurance Automation

Even with a quality team of consultants, the human brain isn’t designed to handle the breadth and scale of control activities we see in each assurance engagement (i.e. SOC1 SOC2, ISO 27001). Expert automation empowers consultants to ensure nothing is missed, incorrectly assessed, or lost in communication. Expert automation technology enables the digitisation and automation of expert audit standards and control activities.

This in turn delivers access to expert information at scale and allows the self-service of expert knowledge which boosts productivity and enables staff to work more efficiently and accurately.

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For assurance and advisory consultants it creates opportunities for the digital productization of services. Rather than being limited by available headcount and a time-and-material business model, expert automation allows businesses to transform their services into digital products which can be used to deliver value-add to customers or generate new streams of scalable revenue.
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